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The Church of Truth 

The Lord's Dominion

The Lord's Fiery Sanctuary

The Church of Truth Broadcast is CTN’s glue and foundation.  This power packed spiritually enriching broadcast displays God’s true love, affection, and plan for the human race by opening the two essentials of the church i.e.: 1st Here oh Israel the Lord thy God is One Jehovah and 2nd all must love the Lord thy God above all, and love thy neighbor as thyself and be of useful service through the commandments of that one God who is Jesus Christ. Many have testified of a changed life after experiencing the power of this Holy ordained broadcast lead my C.O.T Sr Pastor Elder Miller and Pastor Mother Ginny. 

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Sun 12pm-1pm  Mon- Fri 9pm-10pm  Tue &Thu 2:30 to 3pm  Saturday 7:30pm 9:30 PM on

Gospel 1240 WLLVam Click the link  below doing the listening hours.

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Sunday 12pm -1pm & 9pm-10pm  Mon-Tue 9pm-10pm Wed 6:30pm -7:30pm & 9pm-10pm Thurs-7pm-8pm & 9pm-10pm Fri 9pm-10pm Sat 8am-10am, 5:30pm-6:30pm 7:30 -9:30pm & 10pm-11pm 
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